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How much do you make selling Unity assets?

Selling assets on Unity store can earn you a lot of money. In fact, Mind Studios earned $10000 a month for a while. While it may not work for a lot of designers, but for some, it can turn into a dependable source of income.

How to sell more on Unity Asset Store in a transforming game market

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How do I sell assets on Unity Asset Store?

Go to the Publisher Portal, log in with your Unity ID, and provide your portfolio and business information. Create and upload your asset. Create a package on the Publisher Portal according to our Submission Guidelines and upload your files from the Unity Editor using Asset Store Tools. Submit your assets for review.

Start publishing on the Asset Store

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Can you make money selling Unity assets?

You can make anything from $0 (if you have few / bad / unnoticed assets) up to realistically the region of $20000 in a month (but not consistently - it depends on sales and popularity ranking) if you have something very desirable that is in demand and of very high quality.

How much money I can make from creating assets for Unity store?

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Does Unity Asset Store have sales?

Unity Humble Bundle Humble Store offers thousands of games, game assets, books and video courses with sales happening every day.

Unity Asset Store Sales & Bundles — 10–90% OFF - makaka.org

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