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  • How can I get a discount on Uber?

    Go to Giving Assistant's page for Uber, click on the promo code that you would like to use and copy it. Open the menu in your Uber app, tap Payment, select Add Promo Code, enter your promo code, and tap Add. How do I get discount on Uber?

  • Are there any promo codes for Uber rides?

    While there are no promo codes if you’re already requesting rides through the Uber app, you still have lots of options to score discounts. Earn 5% back in Uber Cash on Uber rides, Uber Eats orders, and JUMP rides.

  • Is there an Uber Eats coupon?

    You never know they good throw a couple of Uber Eats coupon exclusively for Uber credit cardholders your way. Sometimes there won’t be an app-wide Uber Eats coupon available to you but that doesn't mean that you can’t still find a coupon to help you save on the order.

  • Is my first Uber trip free?

    Terms apply. Is my first Uber trip free? All new riders can get free or discounted rides by using an Uber promo code. Depending on which promo code you choose and the price of your first trip, your first ride could be free. For example, if you choose promo code NEWRIDER15, you will get up to $5 off each of your first 3 rides.

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