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Taco Bell

taco bell

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Taco Bell is an American-based chain of fast food restaurants originating in Irvine, California in 1962, by founder Glen Bell. Taco Bell is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. The restaurants serve a variety of Mexican-inspired foods, that include: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty and specialty items, along with a variety of "value menu" items. As of 2018, Taco Bell serves over two billion customers each year, at 7,072 restaurants, more than 93 percent of which are owned and operated by independent franchisees and licensees.

  • What items are on the Taco Bell Dollar Menu?

    The current Taco Bell dollar menu features cheap eats such as triple layer nachos topped with nacho cheese, a spicy tostada, a spicy potato soft taco, a beefy mini quesadilla filled with seasoned beef, and a shredded chicken mini quesadilla. The dessert options include Cinnabon delights, a caramel apple empanada, and a bag of cinnamon twists.

  • What is the secret menu at Taco Bell?

    The Cheesarito. Perhaps Taco Bell's most popular secret menu item is the Cheesarito. It's melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce in a soft tortilla.

  • What's your secret menu order at Taco Bell?

    Order Your Long-Lost Favorites With the Taco Bell Secret Menu. 1. The Cheesarito. Melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce all wrapped up in a soft tortilla: What's not to like? You may have to order a bean ... 2. The Enchirito. 3. The Hulk. 4. The Incredible Hulk. 5. The Chili Cheese Burrito. More items

  • Does Taco Bell offer coupons?

    Taco Bell is not particularly coupon crazy. You won’t find coupons for their restaurant in your local paper or earn a coupon every time you pick up an order there. In fact, the easiest way to get Taco Bell coupons is to visit their official website and register with your email address.

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