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  • Does Sams club offer military discounts coupon?

    Technically, they don't offer a discount. However, Sam's Club is offering a limited time promotional $10 gift card for those signing up for a new membership or renewing an on-going one. This offer is exclusively for active duty, retired military, veterans, and their spouses, as well as civilian military employees.

  • Does Sam's Club accept coupons?

    No Sam's Club does not accept coupons. Even if they did, because they sell in bulk, most of their products wouldn't be eligible per the coupon requirements anyway.

  • Does Sam's Club accept manufacturer coupons?

    Because Sam's Club is mass discount store they do not accept manufacturer coupons. However, they do accept their own Sam's Club coupons. These coupons are normally sent in the mail to members and.

  • Can I use coupons at Sam's?

    The only time coupons can be used at Sam's Club is when they have to be run like a check. Otherwise, they are not allowed.

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