• What is Domino's Perfect Combo Deal?

    Domino's Perfect Combo deal targets Hispanic customers. Domino’s Pizza has begun selling the Domino’s Perfect Combo, a bundle deal that the chain said was developed in response to feedback from Hispanic customers.

  • Does Dominos do a military discount?

    Domino's Pizza Military Discount. Some Domino's locations will offer a military discount. Typically the discount is 10% off your order. The Domino's pizza locations are franchises though so it is up to each individual owner if they want to offer the discount.

  • Does Domino's Pizza accept Sodexo coupons?

    Yes, all Dominos outlets accept Sodexo coupons. The Meal Pass is accepted all around the world, and Dominos is one such outlet that accepts the Sodexo Meal Pass.

  • Does Domino's sell a slice of pizza?

    Because people do not expect to go into a Domino's location and buy a slice of pizza, they often times have already called in their order and don't realize that by the slice is an option. Plus, delivery is such a large part of the sales of most locations, most people never even set foot inside of the restaurant itself.

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