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If the component parameter is specified, parse_url() returns a string (or an int, in the case of PHP_URL_PORT) instead of an array. If the requested component doesn't exist within the given URL, null will be returned.
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Loads a template and renders it with the current context. This is a way of “including” other templates within a template. The template name can either be a variable or a hard-coded (quoted) string, in either single or double quotes. This example includes the contents of the template "foo/bar.html": {%
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Oct 08, 2014 · Description # Description. Technically, the function can be used to create paginated link list for any area. The ‘base’ argument is used to reference the url, which will be used to create the paginated links.
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Category: Software

PHP will report this as "SSL: Fatal Protocol Error" when you reach the end of the data. To work around this, the value of error_reporting should be lowered to a level that does not include warnings. PHP can detect buggy IIS server software when you open the stream using the https:// wrapper and will suppress the warning.
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So, this article lists most of the core functions, excluding Template Tags. At the bottom of the page, there is a section listing other resources for finding information about WordPress functions. In addition to this information, the WordPress Code Reference site details all the WordPress functions by version since 2.6.1.
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Retrieves the logout URL.
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Top 10 PHP frameworks. A PHP framework is a platform which allows a web developer to develop the web application. In simple words, it provides a structure to develop web application.
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