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What is the use of findoneandupdate in mongoose?

Mongoose | findOneAndUpdate () Function. The findOneAndUpdate () function is used to find a matching document and update it according to the update arg, passing any options, and returns the found document (if any) to the callback.

How to update a document in mongoose?

Mongoose provides various methods to update the document like .save (), findOneAndUpdate (), updateOne (). In today’s post we are going to use fin dOneAndUpdate ().

What is the difference between findoneandupdate () and save () in MongoDB?

Unlike updateOne (), findOneAndUpdate () returns the updated document. Unlike save (), findOneAndUpdate () is atomic: the document can't change between when MongoDB finds the document and when MongoDB applies the update. You need at least 2 parameters to call findOneAndUpdate (): filter and update.

What is the return type of findoneandupdate?

By default, findOneAndUpdate () returns the original document as it was before update method was applied.

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