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How do I find a company's merchant category code?

You can find the MCC for different purchases/stores on your credit card statement, so your best bet is to go back into your statement and see exactly how the merchant description is coded so you know for future reference.

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What is my MCC code?

MCC codes is a code attached with your merchant accounts and are assigned to you when in the application phase. These are used to identify between business's and industries. Every website and business has a unique MCC code based on risk and transaction patterns as well as business group.

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What MCC 5999?

Merchant Category Codes (MCC) are 4 digit numbers used by the payments industry to classify businesses by market segment. ... Note.

Automobiles and Vehicles



5611. Men's and Boys' Clothing and Accessories Stores

5691. Men's and Women's Clothing Stores

5999. Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Shops

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What is merchant category code 7299?

7. MCCs 5700–7299 (Miscellaneous Stores) ....................... 8.

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