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Is Yahoo Plus legit?

It certainly does, but it's not. Yahoo Plus will instead be a kind of hybrid media portfolio of various Yahoo products and services, including its finance platform; its very-much-still-alive email platform; its media properties, including Engadget and TechCrunch; and its fantasy sports service, among others.

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Is there a fee for Yahoo Plus?

Subscribing to Yahoo Mail Plus requires a credit card, and costs USD $20 per year ("$19.99"), which is automatically renewed every 12 months unless you cancel.

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What is Yahoo Plus support?

Yahoo Plus subscriptions include 24/7 support for general account inquiries* including billing, account recovery and updating account information. Product-specific support options and hours of operation are limited for Mail, Finance and Fantasy Sports.

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Can I cancel Yahoo Plus support?

To cancel the Service you may visit or go to your account page. ... For example, if the Service is for one month periods and you cancel on the 5th day of that month you will continue to get the service for that month and the Service will be cancelled at the next billing cycle.

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