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What is hyperbolic discounting in psychology?

Hyperbolic Discounting Definition Hyperbolic discounting refers to the tendency for people to increasingly choose a smaller-sooner reward over a larger-later reward as the delay occurs sooner rather than later in time.

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What is hyperbolic discounting in marketing?

Hyperbolic discounting is a psychological bias where people to prioritize immediate rewards and satisfaction over future rewards. It's used in sales and marketing to encourage consumers to purchase based on the short-term reward, or instant gratification.

Mar 10, 2021

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What causes hyperbolic discounting?

Hyperbolic discounting is a cognitive bias, where people choose smaller, immediate rewards rather than larger, later rewards — and this occurs more when the delay is closer to the present than the future. Researchers run a classic experiment for it. Imagine you're given 2 choices.

Aug 1, 2017

Hyperbolic discounting: Why you make terrible life choices - Medium

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Is hyperbolic discounting irrational?

Hyperbolic discounting — The irrational behavior that might be rational after all. ... Apparently, hyperbolic discounting was considered irrational under standard economic theory.

Hyperbolic discounting — The irrational behavior that might be ...

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