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How many Costco Business Centers are there?

7 Benefits of Shopping at Costco Business Center. Costco Business Center is not just for businesses – any Costco member can shop! Just show your membership card at the door. There are more than 15 Costco Business Center locations in the United States, each filled with hundreds of items not found at Costco warehouses.

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What is the difference between Costco business center and Costco?

Costco, the beloved one-stop shop for all things bulk, has a different type of store that some shoppers like even more. Costco Business Center, a branch of the warehouse giant tailored to small businesses, is open to all paying Costco members.

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How many Costco Business Centers are there in Canada?

If there's enough demand, the company plans to roll out more centres across the country, possibly within the next three to five years. Costco currently has 95 locations across Canada, with nearly 10 million people holding Costco memberships – a higher per capita penetration rate than in the United States.

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Can I use my regular Costco card at business center?

Have you ever heard of a Costco Business Center? ... Although you don't need a special membership to shop at one — just a regular Costco card will do! — these specialty stores have a more restaurant-geared focus and carry a different line of merchandise than their regular warehouse stores.

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