Devexpress With Wpf


How to use DevExpress themes in a WPF application?

  • Create the wwwroot | custom-themes folder in the project and place the generated CSS files in this folder.
  • Attach the generated CSS files instead of corresponding existing CSS files: .NET 6 In the Pages folder, open the _Layout.cshtml file and reference the corresponding stylesheets. ...
  • Rebuild your application.

How to set DevExpress WPF gridcontrol look and feel?

You can specify appearance settings for the following visual elements:

  • AppearancesBackstageView - Provides the default appearance settings applied to BackstageViewControl controls.
  • AppearancesBar - Specifies appearance settings for items in bars and menus in different states.
  • AppearancesDocking - Provides the default appearance settings for all dock panels, implemented with the DockManager component.

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How to use DevExpress?

# Videos

  • # XAF Overview Series. These videos were produced with the help of XAF MVPs Jose Columbie and Joche Ojeda of BitFrameworks .
  • # Building a CRM application using XAF with Dave and Adam. ...
  • # A Gentle Introduction to XAF (Webinar Video) In this webinar, Seth Juarez discusses the general philosophy behind XAF while he builds an application from scratch.

How to deploy DevExpress to server?

  • Create an application folder on the Web Server (for instance, D:\Sites\MySolution ). ...
  • Perform this step on the Developer Workstation. ...
  • Choose Custom publishing target and follow the instructions from the wizard.
  • You may be asked for credentials. ...

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