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May 15, 2013 · The data is UTF-8 encoded bytes escaped with URL quoting, so you want to decode, with urllib.parse.unquote(), which handles decoding from percent-encoded data to UTF-8 bytes and then to text, transparently:
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Python string method decode() ... Syntax Str.decode(encoding='UTF-8',errors='strict') Parameters. encoding − This is the encodings to be used.
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Jan 23, 2022 · To increase the reliability with which a UTF-8 encoding can be detected, Microsoft invented a variant of UTF-8 (that Python 2.5 calls "utf-8-sig") for its Notepad program: Before any of the Unicode characters is written to the file, a UTF-8 encoded BOM (which looks like this as a byte sequence: 0xef, 0xbb, 0xbf) is written. As it’s rather ...
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Python’s encode and decode methods are used to encode and decode the input string, using a given encoding. Let us look at these two functions in detail in this article.
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Jun 24, 2021 · You have a str, there is no need to decode from UTF-8 anymore. Simply drop the .decode('utf-8') part. As for your fetch() call, you are explicitly asking for just the first message.
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