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How to avoid broken pipe error in Python?

Thus upstream process in a python problem will raise an error such as IOError: Broken pipe error will occur. Approach 1: To avoid the error we need to make the terminal run the code efficiently without catching the SIGPIPE signal, so for these, we can add the below code at the top of the python program.

What is a broken pipe in Linux?

"Broken pipe" is usually considered an IOError (short for Input/Output Error) error, which occurred at the Linux system level. It is generally raised while reading and writing files, or in other terms, performing file input/output or network input/output (through sockets).

What does a broken pipe error mean?

A Broken Pipe error could mean a lot of things. For instance, If you are running shell commands in your script and using their input/output for processing, then premature termination of one of the commands in the pipeline can create a broken pipe. I am inclined to think that relatively better resources...

What does'write failed broken pipe'or'connection closed by remote host'mean?

On some systems, it will display 'Write failed: Broken pipe' or 'Connection closed by remote host'. Let's see what causes this error and how to go about keeping your SSH connection alive. As you may have guessed, the SSH connection is closed because of inactivity.

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